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Cooking up a storm

The background

This is one of our international projects, as it focuses on the UK and Northern Ireland. Merrychef Direct are a long-standing top supplier of the market-leading commercial Merrychef Ovens to restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, etc., throughout the UK. They approached us regarding the development of a website design to allow them reach more potential customers than ever before.

What we did

We established the size of the marketplace in the UK for leading commercial ovens such as Merrychef and advised Merrychef Direct there was indeed sufficient room for growth to soon be seeing a substantial return on their investment.

We analysed the existing websites of competitors and quickly determined two things. Generally, their content was poor (mainly just technical details being taken straight from manuals), and secondly, they either indicated no retail prices at all or else ones that were higher than Merrychef Direct.

We therefore advised that we focus on content more than their competitors did, and put a particular focus on the biggest selling point of all: a guaranteed lowest price anywhere in the UK.

The website design and build

In line with the brief from our client, we delivered a clean and attractive product catalogue website design, that was SEO friendly so it would rank highly on search engines to generate leads and sales for Merrychef Direct.

We highlighted their best price guarantee, displayed images of the ovens in the best way possible, and created text content that spoke of their benefits and versatility as well as giving the technical details.

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

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