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Our SEO service is different.

We don’t just get you ranked on page one – we get you there for the right reasons, and we keep you there.

Others may ask what you want to rank for, and then outsource the task to get that rank through links and cumbersome content that turns the user off. We don’t do it that way. We build rankings properaly and organically, because we want a site that doesn’t just rank – we want one that people click and engage with too.

SEO services today are about more than just Search Engine Optimisation.

They’re also about Social Engagement Optimisation. That’s because Google has changed the game as regards how websites rank. It’s no longer about packing them with keywords that people search for. Today the game is all about quality – providing content that’s authentic, informative, and attractive to your intended audience, to keep them engaged for as long as possible.

As an expert SEO company, we constantly look at and advise on the engagement levels of everything we do. We also pay enormous attention to the meta descriptions of our sites. That’s the bit that people see on the Google search results page. Just being on page one isn’t good enough  – people are now more discerning and are looking at those descriptions to see if the site looks right for them. We show them that it is.

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A good SEO service is all about making sure your online sales rep is constantly working properly and in the right places. You wouldn’t send a human sales rep out to aimlessly wander the streets in the hope of finding a customer. They wouldn’t know who they’re looking for – and the customer who wants to talk to them doesn’t know where to find them. We make sure your website and your audience are meeting all the time.

It’s also about working in fresh new ways. Think how a human sales rep needs to regularly tweak their sales pitch to reflect new products and services and seasonal market factors. Your digital marketing strategy and the SEO service that backs it up need to evolve too. If your website is your sales rep, then your social media is your networking, and your blogs and news items are your open days. Our SEO service will make sure that they all get noticed.

SEO work is not glamorous, and most of it is invisible. But it’s essential

It involves back-end building of site maps, meta descriptions, meta titles, and everything else that Google looks at when determining where to rank your site. Sure, there are short cuts, and other SEO companies may offer them to you for a knockdown price. They’ll even get you immediate results, but Google will soon see through them, and you’ll be penalised in the long run.

That won’t happen with us. We get you ranked for the right reasons, and we keep you there. Guaranteed.

We back up our promises with regular reports on how our SEO service is working for you. We provide statistics on how many visitors your website attracted, and how long they engaged for. We measure your performance against your biggest competitors. And we collaborate constantly to improve the conversion rate of website visits into sales.

You’re looking for a partner to work with to boost your online business.

We’d love to be that partner

To get your SEO services quotation please call us in Dublin on 01 5313911, in Kilkenny on 056 7800575 or contact us and one of our team will call you back to help you.

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Join Our Clients on Page 1 of Google !

Join Our Clients on Page 1 of Google !