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Website Design – FlexiCommercial

FlexiCommercial Ireland

Flexible Business Finance

The background

FlexiCommercial is a new offering by the FlexiGroup – an international corporation who are headquartered in Australia and who provide easy access to finance for use with approved partners.

FlexiCommercial is aimed at those in the business community who wish to upgrade or expand their operations. The process has several tax benefits over a bank loan, while its other great benefit is that finance is easier to secure through FlexiCommercial than through a bank.

We were already FlexiGroup’s digital marketing partner of choice for FlexiRent, which is aimed at domestic consumers, and so they engaged us to build their new FlexiCommercial website too. We were delighted with the vote of confidence, and eagerly got to work.

What we did

As this was a new offering for Ireland, the first step was to fully establish the benefits of choosing FlexiCommercial over a bank loan for business finance, and to define the associated marketing message.

We did this through detailed consultations with the client, and we then proceeded to create engaging and informative content, which included dedicated sections for all business sectors to which FlexiCommercial is available. It also includes a section inviting other suppliers to become FlexiCommercial partners.

Our market research and keyword analysis allowed us to define an SEO strategy for the new site. Once the content and the strategy was agreed with the client, we proceeded to the website design itself.

The website design and build

As the existing Flexirent website was already so successful and our clients were so happy with it, it was agreed that the new website would be built in the same general style, to help with further establishing brand identity.

The colour scheme was amended due to the new colours used in the FlexiCommercial logo, but otherwise all successful elements were retained. These include a clear funnel structure on the home page, compelling calls to action, and an easy-to-navigate menu structure with no ‘hidden’ pages. An application process was also built into the site.

As is standard with all our builds, the new website design is fully responsive for mobile devices, and extensive SEO work was carried out both on-page and off-page throughout the development process.

Summary – Digital Marketing services involved

Visit the new FlexiCommercial website to see the results of our work –

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Website Design – Plastic Surgeons Marketing

plastic surgeon marketing

Targeting a worldwide market

The background

At Abbott Consulting, we pride ourselves on always striving to identify new ways for clients to grow their business online. In this case, the client happened to be ourselves!

We have a number of years of experience of digital marketing in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, and have come to see just what a huge field it is, particularly in international markets such as the USA and Australia.

We determined to focus further on the field as part of our continued expansion, by building a dedicated website to offer our website design, SEO, and digital marketing services to plastic and cosmetic surgeons worldwide, and then using our expert SEO skills to get it ranked highly in all key markets.

The joint aims were to increase our international client base, and also to illustrate our expertise in developing new online opportunities – because whatever we do for ourselves, we can do for other clients too.

What we did

Diligent market research and competitor research was the first major key to this project. We identified the key search terms in major marketplaces and the average number of searches for them per month. We then performed competitor analysis to see how other agencies working in the sector portrayed themselves for those terms – and we determined to do better ourselves.

We also defined our marketing message and identified two key features to offer prospective clients:

  • Area exclusivity – as we undertake to work with only one client in each city or metropolitan area. We simply can’t get two or more plastic surgery practices to rank number one simultaneously in their local Google listings!
  • No large upfront fee for initial website design or takeover – everything is included in our flat rate monthly fee.

We then prepared a detailed map for the site, before progressing to the build itself.

The website design and build

Our senior copywriter produced concise yet engaging and keyword-optimised content for the site, with each page culminating in a strong call to action.

Meanwhile, a member of our development team got to work on designing a framework for the site, opting for a clinical design to reflect the clinical nature of plastic surgery practices. Straight lines, strong colours, and strategic marketing funnels lead the user through all key areas of the site. Our developer also performed several SEO techniques as the site was being built.

Two other specialists then became involved in further search engine optimisation as the site neared completion, and in the early days after going live. Their work helped see the site already rank on Page 1 for several key search terms on both Google Australia and Google USA in just its first week.

Our strategy is now to continue to our SEO and content marketing work, with the aim of soon achieving even higher rankings for even more terms. And ultimately, we hope to have more clients from the international plastic surgery sector in the near future.

Summary – Digital Marketing services involved


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Website Design – Saniflo Sales (Ireland)


Showcasing plumbing solutions

The background

Saniflo Sales (Ireland) is the Irish arm of the company that also operates Saniflo Sytems UK, for which we had already developed a stylish, informative, and fully responsive e-commerce site.

The company offers the innovative range of Saniflo macerator pumps, grey water pumps, and condensate pumps, which allow installation of plumbing solutions in places that would otherwise be impossible due to lack of access to suitable outflow pipes. Examples include installing a new toilet under a stairs, converting a walk-in wardrobe to an en-suite bathroom, and placing a washing machine or dishwasher in a new location.

They are also agents for the new range of Kinedo shower cubicles and walk-in baths – delivering sleek elegance and style to any bathroom design.

With their new UK site already built, they asked us to replicate it for Ireland. It was to be broadly the same as the UK site, with just some necessary changes such as the contact details for Ireland and prices in euro rather than Sterling.

What we did

The hard work was already done on this one, as while we were building the UK site, we had already done all the market research and competitor analysis in order to decide on the best style and strategy for our client.

We agreed with the client that the same strategy should be applied to Ireland. This was to deliver a website that would stand apart from competitor sites, which are generally unengaging and little more than ‘brochure’ product listings. The ultimate aim of the strategy was to portray levels of professionalism and expertise that would inspire people to buy from our site rather than a competitor’s, if product pricing was broadly the same.

The website design and build

All content had already been created for the UK site, with just some minor changes being necessary for Ireland. Similarly, the design of the Irish site is the same as its UK counterpart. It is an attractive and user-friendly design, with a seamless browsing pathway between the different products to allow the user find the correct choice for them.

The design also includes strategic use of colour imagery and ‘lifestyle’ shots of product applications, in contrast to the less appealing images shown on competitor sites.

And also as with the UK site, we performed large amounts of both on-page and off-page SEO measures, and advanced e-commerce functionality, including full stock control system integration, SSL certification for secure online shopping, and Stripe payment gateway integration.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

  • Copywriting and content marketing
  • Logo design
  • Responsive e-commerce website design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Management System
  • Advanced e-commerce functionality
  • Stock control system integration
  • Stripe payment system integration
  • SSL certification for secure shopping

You can view the finished website at

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Website Design – Condell Engineering

Condell Engineering

Showcasing true innovation

The background

Condell Engineering are developers and manufacturers of truly innovative pipe alignment and fitting solutions, for use in industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and gas and water supply.

The company is owned and operated by Cyril Condell, himself a renowned pipe fitter with a reputation for problem-solving and invention. His experience includes work on major projects such as infrastructure ahead of the London Olympics, the Corrib Gas Pipeline in County Mayo, and InSitu pipelines in South Africa.

They already had a website to showcase Cyril’s inventions, but it was not delivering any results for them. They called us in to investigate why – and to make any changes necessary.

What we did

We performed an audit on the company’s existing website, and quickly established that the problem was that it did not rank highly in Google and other search engines for key search terms related to the pipe fitting industry.

While it was number one in Google for ‘Pipe Alignment Trolley’ (the name of the company’s main product), there were virtually no searches for this term, as it was a new term coined by Condell Engineering themselves and not yet in general usage.

Our market research showed that on the other hand, there are up to 18,000 searches per month for other terms such as ‘pipe fitting tools’ and ‘alternatives to pipe clamps’ – but the existing website did not target these terms.

We recommended a complete re-write of text content to include such keywords where appropriate, and a change of back-end SEO strategy to target them too.

The clients agreed – and so we got to work.

The website design and build

Our senior copywriter spoke to Cyril to develop a thorough understanding of how his inventions work and the benefits they bring, such as greater productivity and lower manpower costs. He then used this information to craft compelling new copy, with an emphasis on optimum placement and frequency of all keywords agreed, to enable the new-look site to rank highly in Google for them.

We also agreed a new page and menu structure, in light of the new SEO strategy, and our developer then used our new copy and several photos and videos supplied by the client to build a new website according to that plan.

Cosmetically, the new site mirrors the old one in terms of colour scheme, fonts used, etc. – but a more strategic placement of images, Call To Action buttons, etc., allied to the improved SEO measures, delivers a site that is more easily found, and more likely to deliver results.

The Results

Within just days of the new site going live, the client received their first international online inquiries. You can’t say better than that!

Summary – Digital Marketing Services provided

Visit to see the results of our work.

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Website Design – Insure My Holiday

Insure My Holiday Website

Peace of mind, wherever you go

The Background

Insure My Holiday is the new travel insurance wing of the City Financial Marketing Group – one of Ireland’s largest and most respected brokers in the fields of personal, commercial, and motor insurance.

Their existing websites included,,,,, and

All those sites had a uniform look, but they elected to seek a new design and new approach when it came to build their new travel insurance site. They knew of our well-earned reputation for innovation and style – and so they came to us. We were delighted with the opportunity.

What we did

As this was a new venture for the client, a series of detailed discussions first took place, as our market research investigated the size of the travel insurance market online and our content team gathered all required information.

We established key selling points such as there being no extra cost for children’s travel insurance when booked with an adult, and we created concise yet compelling content to portray the benefits of choosing Insure My Holiday. We also liaised with our partners in CGL Retail Solutions for logo design, and MDC for the quote engine that would be the backbone of the site. Once all these elements were in place, we moved on to building the site itself.

The website design and build

With travel insurance being such a competitive field, it was important that this site would stand out from the rest. A review of opposition site showed that most were quite dull and text-heavy, and therefore we designed a fresh and clean site instead, with attractive graphics, catchy slogans, and clear calls to action.

We diligently followed SEO best practice for all pages as we aimed to rank highly for key terms like ‘family travel insurance’, ‘multi-trip travel insurance’ and ‘annual travel insurance’, and each page was also given a number of clear ‘get a quote’ buttons in order to direct the user as easily as possible to the quote engine so they could see the great value that insurance from Insure My Holiday represents.

Our clients were delighted with the result and have engaged us to conduct a full follow-up digital marketing campaign, including content marketing, PPC marketing and social media marketing.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

Visit to see the results of our work.

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Website Design – Pillar Healthcare Clinical Trial

Pillar Healthcare Clinical Trial Website

Helping couples to conceive

The Background

Pillar Healthcare – developers and manufacturers of the ground-breaking and all-natural fertility nutrition supplement, pre-Conceive – were already satisfied clients of Abbott Consulting as we had built them an e-commerce site to showcase their product and its benefits, and allow it to be ordered online.

As part of ongoing research and development, Pillar Healthcare received approval and funding for a major international clinical study into the benefits of pre-Conceive, and how it improves key fertility levels in both women and men.

They wanted a dedicated site to announce the trial and to seek volunteers to take part, and they came to use again. We were delighted to oblige.

What we did

Through negotiation with the client, we first established the scope of the planned study itself, and determined the exact specifics of what the website would have to achieve.

It was immediately obvious that content would be even more crucial than normal to this build.

We faced a dual challenge: firstly, to inform people who may not have previously heard of pre-Conceive about what it is and how it works, and secondly, to encourage people to participate in the trial, despite how that would involve sharing what would normally be seen as highly personal information.

We achieved this through further detailed discussion with the client. Several drafts of content were carefully reviewed and amended until we arrived at the perfect combination of scientific and clinical information on one hand, to portray the standing and professionalism of Pillar Healthcare, but ‘human’ language on the other hand, to speak in more everyday terms to couples experiencing the emotional turmoil of having difficulty in having a baby.

A key element to this was assuring couples who might volunteer that all evidence to date suggested they would have a better chance of conceiving if they used pre-Conceive regularly, but at the same time, not making false promises or raising their hopes unrealistically high.

The attention that the content required for this project shows the benefit of Abbott Consulting having our own specialist and vastly experienced content writer – a service that many other digital marketing and website design agencies do not offer.

The website design and build

The website was styled to match the main Pillar Healthcare website, with some modifications to allow for how added functionality required would slow down loading speed if all styling points were replicated.

The content is laid out in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, with several call-to-action buttons, and obvious detailing of all the benefits a couple would stand to receive if accepted for the trial.

Particular emphasis had to be placed on the application form. The trial is for couples, so this form was split into two columns (one for male, one for female). These columns are styled using colours based on the Pillar Healthcare branding. Parts of the form seeking details in respect to answering yes to certain questions are only show when appropriate. A file upload facility is also provided for participants to upload test results and other documentation.

All the information is stored in a database and is accessible with private log-in by authorised clinical trial staff at Pillar Health. These private pages are styled and presented in a similar manner to the main trial application form and all data can also be exported to spreadsheet.

Overall, the site meets all its aims, and it was launched to coincide with the international launch of the clinical trial itself. A digital marketing campaign was then also launched to bring it to the attention of people in all eligible countries.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

Visit to see the results of our work.

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Website Design – Meyer Environmental Ltd.

Meyer Environmental Website

Targeting Southern England for SEO

The Background

Meyer Environmental Ltd. are asbestos removal and asbestos survey specialists based in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, serving an area from Dorset in the west to Kent in the east, and taking in parts of Greater London too.

Their field of expertise is a busy and highly competitive one in the UK, and an existing website was not ranking as highly in their area for asbestos removal and asbestos survey services as they would have liked.

They contacted us to see if we could make a difference – and that’s what we set about doing.

What we did

Diligent market research and keyword research was key here, as we investigated the level of monthly online traffic for asbestos removal and survey services in all areas in which they operate – not just the major cities and counties, but right down to the towns and villages in those counties too.

We determined there are hundreds of searches per month for ‘asbestos removal Southampton’, ‘asbestos removal Berkshire’, etc.

We also determined however that there are small yet significant levels of 20 to 30 searches per month for asbestos removals and surveys in smaller towns and villages (e.g. Thatcham, Brockenhurst, Chippenham), and that no other firm’s website was targeting these searches for SEO purposes.

In consultation with the client, we decided upon a strategy of having individual pages for each of these locations. The intention was that Meyer Environmental would rank number one for all smaller towns and villages, as well as at the upper reaches of page one for the larger cities and counties, and hopefully go on to enjoy a successful conversion rate from all searches that landed on their site.

The website design and build

Our senior copywriter spoke to the client to garner all information about how the company now operates, and the services it provides. He took this new information and consolidated it with older material on their existing site to produce keyword-optimised content for each of the almost 100 pages that would feature on the site. Once the content was approved by the client, it was passed on to our designer for the build to start in earnest.

Another objective of the re-build was to portray what the company does in a much cleaner and logical manner than was the case on the previous site. The main key colour used throughout the site ties in with the red of the Meyer logo and is used in callouts and calls to action, and overall, the design is crisp and easy on the eye.

Close attention is paid to the layout of typography and selection of images, keeping all pages consistent and straightforward for visitors to the site to follow. The main focal point on all the pages is a call to action that users can use to request a quote from Meyer Environmental.

The new website also has a lot of useful information regarding the benefits and dangers of asbestos. We organised this into a FAQ using tabbed accordions to show this information on pages targeted at different audiences (homeowners, owners of commercial properties, tenants and tradesmen).

As SEO was key to this project, close attention was paid throughout to all on-page and off-page optimisation techniques, such as alt tags and meta titles.

Our client was overjoyed with the finished site and is looking forward to it delivering more leads and more business across Southern England.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

Visit to see the results of our work.

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Website Design – Evolv Health & Wellbeing Store

Evolv Website

Promoting health and wellness

The background

Evolv Health & Wellbeing Store in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, is one of Ireland’s largest shops of its type – operating over three floors of retail space, and offering a number of treatment and therapy rooms too.

Since its foundation in 2006, husband and wife team Matt and Nuala Ronan have built up a loyal customer base from throughout the south-east and further afield, and a reputation for unrivalled knowledge on nutrition, natural remedies, and holistic and alternative medicine. They are passionate about all those topics themselves, and that passion shines through in their business.

They felt that an existing website built by another agency did not do their store justice, and that the time was right for a complete overhaul and re-build. They were impressed by our other work – so they gave us a call too.

What we did

Our initial meeting with the clients showed us just how extensive the Evolv business really is, and how careful consideration would need to be given to the menu structure of the website, simply because there would be so much to portray.

We established all the main topics to be covered for the retail space (nutrition, natural cosmetics, gift shop, etc.), and also decided upon a strategy for detailing the eleven forms of treatments and therapies also available there (hypnotherapy, reiki, reflexology, etc.).

Our senior copywriter then spoke to the clients to get all the details required. He drafted engaging and keyword-optimised content with several calls to action, and once it was approved by the clients, we progressed to the website design and build.

The website design and build

Our senior developer and designer was assigned to this project and he immediately felt that given the nature of the business and how it promotes health and wellbeing, the website should have a vibrant and dynamic feel in terms of layout, colour scheme, imagery, etc.

He created a visually-appealing backdrop, left sidebar, and main content panel to deliver those results, and used the green and purple of the Evolv logo throughout to bring a consistency and freshness to the design. Little touches such as images of leaves to break up passages of text give an added impression of natural goodness as a user surveys the site.

All content was attractively laid out over the more than 30 pages that the site began with, with key features of the overall design including:

  • Sidebar vertical menu for ease of navigation
  • Mailchimp newsletter integration
  • Social Media sharing functionality
  • Facebook feed
  • Flexible framework, preconfigured to allow implementation of additional functionality if requested (ecommerce, products showcase, etc).
  • mobile/tablet responsivity
  • PayPal integration

We were delighted with the results ourselves, and were excited to show the site to our clients.

They didn’t just like it. They loved it. You can see the reasons why by looking at the site itself at

We look forward to working with Evolv on an ongoing basis, as they have also engaged us to deliver ongoing digital marketing services.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

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Website Design – CGL Retail Solutions

Website Design CGL Retail Solutions

Innovation all round

The background

Carlow Graphics – renowned and award-winning experts in the field of graphic design, shop fitting, and sign making – were valuable existing clients of Abbott Consulting, and our two firms had enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship over a number of years.

They chose to re-brand as CGL Retail Solutions, to greater emphasise that their services are about much more than mere graphic design. They took the opportunity to also give their website a complete overhaul – and that’s where we came in.

What we did

This project was very design-oriented, and with that being the client’s specialist field, they took a greater role in the creative process than is normally the case.

We guided them towards a menu structure to best showcase their range of services and previous work for such household names as Easons, Arnotts, Shaws, and several electrical goods manufacturers and retailers. We liaised on text content and honed draft material composed by them into snappy, dynamic online copy, to ensure an effective verbal message stood out to portray all their experience and expertise.

We received mock-up documents from the client of how they would like the site to look, and we set about meeting the challenge of translating those static documents into dynamic website content that would be effective on all screen sizes.

The website design and build

Our senior web designer/developer painstakingly analysed all mock-up documents and client requests for how images and other elements would behave on-screen. These included scrolling, zooming, and transforming from in-focus to out-of-focus depending on cursor position. He devised perfect solutions to all these requests, delivering the results required without unnecessarily adding to the loading time of the site.

An additional innovation was use of the ‘lazy loading’ effect – which means that elements of the website load first only for the part visible on a user’s screen, with other elements then only loading as the visitor scrolls towards them. This too effectively speeds up the website.

Another bonus for the client was the use of a filter facility for the portfolio section of the website, again using various sliding and animation effects to make the site feel more alive and interactive.

As with all website designs and builds, full attention was paid to SEO considerations at all stages, so that the client’s site would continue to rank highly for all key terms in their industry.

Overall, we delivered a highly visual, feature-filled, design-oriented site that both the client and ourselves can be proud of.

Summary – Digital Marketing services provided

You can see the end result at Prepare to be dazzled!

What our client said

We had already used Abbott Consulting for our website design as Carlow Graphics and were always impressed by their work, so for us, the choice was obvious when it came time to build a new site for our re-branding as CGL Retail Solutions. We are delighted with what they have now delivered us, both in terms of following our own design specifications, and adding extra features and functionality too. Our new website is as imaginative and innovative as everything we do for our own clients, and is the perfect showcase online for our services. We have no hesitation in recommending Abbott Consulting to others.

Mark Dowling CGL Retail Solutions

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